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The Bones & The Bees


2016 • BRANDING, PRINT & WEB CAMPAIGN DESIGN • MY UNIVERSITY HONOURS PROJECT: This project explores the relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and pregnancy in young women, with a specific focus on the effects medication can have on unborn babies. There is a significant gap in the general awareness of this issue and also a lack of engaging information available for the women living it. As I am a young woman living with rheumatoid arthritis, my first hand experience has helped me approach this issue in a unique way my audience will find authentic and interesting.

After thorough research into colour theory and the positive effect in which colour can have on an individual’s mood, I devised a palette aimed at evoking feelings of happiness, hope and joy. I feel it is extremely important my project radiates a positive vibe, as individuals with an arthritis diagnosis are actually twice as likely to develop depression as a person without one (arthritis.org, 2016). I believe my light-hearted approach to the issue will also assist in facilitating a behavioural change from women fearing their diagnosis, to being more comfortable with it. 

My main intervention is an online campaign, which provides support and guidance for young women with rheumatoid arthritis on pregnancy-related issues. The website is split into three sections: pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, with each section including an introduction and FAQ-style information in a conversational tone. This format will keep information clear and easy to navigate, with the addition of patient testimonials to help individuals feel supported every step of the way. I will spread the word about the website through hardcopy collateral, which will be distributed through rheumatologists, doctors clinics, pharmacies, and arthritis-related groups and events. There are three types of collateral: (1) posters to catch initial attention, (2) minimalist business cards and invitations, which are both take-home reminders containing a link to the website, and (3) a free kit which women can order through the website. The items within the free kit (a branded tote bag, a to-do list note pad and stickers all sent in a recyclable cardboard mailing box) will keep the campaign present and assist in boosting exposure. 

This project was credited with a High Distinction in all 5 areas of marking by UNSW Art & Design - assessing not only the actual design & research behind the intervention,  but also the quality of a 20 minute presentation.
It was also pitched to Arthritis Australia, and selected for the Australian Design Centre's "Designing Bright Futures" exhibition (Darlinghurst), which surveyed "eleven of the most outstanding 2016 UNSW Art & Design graduating students across Bachelor and Masters of Design fields including jewellery, textiles, graphics, object, interactive and spatial design. Graduates have been chosen for the ways in which their work explores and promotes ideas of innovation and sustainable practice, capacity for social impact, commercial viability and the role of design in advancing well-being."

The Bones & The Bees on display @ the "Designing Bright Futures" exhibition at the Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst

The Bones & The Bees on display @ the "Designing Bright Futures" exhibition at the Australian Design Centre, Darlinghurst