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Perrier-Jouët Garden Of Wonder


2017 • PERNOD RICARD • MOCK UP ARTWORK, STYLING: For this project, I was invited to mock up a luxurious main room design proposal for Perrier-Jouët's Garden Of Wonder event in Sydney. Perrier-Jouët's renowned "Garden Of Wonder" can be described as an immersive experience where art and nature meet. My design for this enchanting oasis incorporates token stylistic elements of the Perrier-Jouët brand, including champagne flute reeds, overgrown foliage, elegant wildflowers, and the ambience created by illuminating green and purple neons. The purpose of this Sydney event is to drive brand awareness and promote Perrier-Jouët's new champagne, Blanc de Blancs. Perrier Jouët is “one of the world's most renowned champagne houses”, owned by premium French winemakers Pernod Ricard.

Main Area Mock Up.jpg

Past Perrier-Jouët pop-ups and events have taken place globally. Locations include Miami Airport, Auckland and Hong Kong, all attracting high profile guests.

Sarah Jessica Parker at Perrier-Jou  ët's L'Eden event in Miami

Sarah Jessica Parker at Perrier-Jouët's L'Eden event in Miami

Katie Holmes at Perrier-Jou  ët's L'Eden event in Miami

Katie Holmes at Perrier-Jouët's L'Eden event in Miami


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