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2015 • OBJECT & PACKAGING DESIGN • A PERSONAL PROJECT: This project brief, created by the Ocean Agency, required students to develop a design activism approach aimed at encouraging change in regards to a specific ocean issue. My design activism approach was to construct a conversation piece to stimulate discussion about the issue of coral bleaching, specifically in the Great Barrier Reef.

My outcome is a three piece light set, strategically harnessing the magnetism of beauty to allure viewers before revealing the grim truth behind coral bleaching. Upon first glance, the light’s fluid organic curves and white diffusive glow appear pure and beautiful... however, the object’s packaging reveals the shape of each form in the series reflects the spiralling graph lines of coral decline in a different region of the Great Barrier Reef.  The product also demonstrates sustainable practices in every facet of its fabrication. In alignment with Chapman’s theologies of value construction and object longevity, the probe has been meticulously handcrafted through the extremely time consuming process of refiguring HDPE (aka discarded milk bottles).

In addition to the physical lighting components of this Coralite project, a documentation folio was also required... Click here to check it out! 
This project was credited with a High Distinction by UNSW Art & Design.