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Fairfax Summit 2017


2017 • HELD AT THE "CARRIAGEWORKS" • STAGE DESIGN CONCEPTS, MOCK UP ARTWORK, DECALS, SIGNAGE & WAYFINDING: A large part of my involvement with the Summit revolved around stage design and mocking up potential main stage set ups. The mock up was to include basic elements (hanging banners, a large screen and a round stage), plus a blue lighting feature of my own choice. My first stage design concept portrays large, angular light panels behind the stage, glowing in a range of blue hues drawn from Fairfax's logo. My second concept was a cluster of interconnected LED neon bars, spaced at different distances to create the illusion of depth behind the stage. Having a luminous, futuristic-looking backdrop behind the speaker also suggests their ideas are new and progressive before they even begin talking. My basic mock ups then became guides for the actual styling of the stage during the event.

I was also asked to brand the entire Fairfax Summit conference, through incorporating the already existing 2017 Summit logo into a series of applications, from fabric framed wayfinding signage to large decals and hanging banners. 

 More stage design iterations working to meet the client's feedback

More stage design iterations working to meet the client's feedback

Images from the Summit:


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